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Our mission at Lincoln Elementary School is to provide a nurturing environment where we model and promote life-long learning so that each of our students learns to their full potential.

Lincoln Elementary is a Love and Logic school. This means that our staff members have been trained to use nine essential skills to deal effectively with student behaviors. Those skills include:

  • Neutralizing student arguing
  • Delayed consequences
  • Empathy
  • The recovery process
  • Developing positive teacher-student relationships
  • Setting limits with enforceable statements
  • Using choices to prevent power struggles
  • Quick and easy preventative interventions
  • Guiding students to own and solve their problems

We also teach Love and Logic to our parents each fall. Please contact Mr. Homnick at
360-313-2300 if you have questions about this approach.

RTI schools focus on good teaching that is matched to student need. Student progress is closely watched and teams use assessment data to help make good decisions for our students. In RTI schools, grade-level teams meet to discuss student performance trends and instructional needs. We utilize coordinated early interventions to support teacher instruction and student learning.
Ask any student about blue and yellow slips and a smile will immediately come to their face! Lincoln staff members make an effort to recognize positive behaviors on a daily basis. When students are being responsible, safe and respectful (our three school rules), they are very often rewarded with a blue or yellow slip. These can be turned into the office to be part of a prize-giveaway drawing that we do every Monday morning during announcements. They also can be used at the Lincoln Parent Staff Group-sponsored Student Store to buy books and school supplies. They are worth 10 cents each at the Student Store. Students also have a chance to earn yellow slips for responsible bus behavior.
Every year, 5th graders choose a state and study it. Based on what they learn, they decorate a float for the Parade of States. The parade is a Lincoln tradition and has been going on for 25 years. It takes place the week before the last day of school.

Our history

Lincoln Elementary School began in 1921 with a portable: one room, one class and one teacher, who later become the school’s first principal. The first permanent structure was built in 1924 and had four classrooms. Many additions to the building were made over the years to accommodate the influx of students during World War II. During this time, the school was filled twice per day—a morning shift and an afternoon shift of classes.

Other historic moments:

September 1996 — Lincoln’s new building opens after the original building is razed.

October 2002 – Teacher Barbara Kelly retires after 50 years at Lincoln. She is believed to be the longest-tenured teacher ever in Vancouver Public Schools.

Fall 2009 – Nine schools, including Lincoln, receive Energy Star Awards for energy efficiency from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.